Permanent exhibition

Our completely new exhibition is now available to the public. A visit to the museum and ASTER observatory will take you on an exploration of astronomy on an 18th century ship. You will travel in a 2113 spaceship to discover the planets, the sun and the stars. The visit finishes with observation by telescope by day (reservation necessary) as well as at night.
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Your tour starts in the planetarium where a guide will show you the starry sky and its constellations. A return to the past allows you to understand how the first astronomical scientific discoveries were made. The difference between astrology and astronomy is also explained. On leaving the planetarium the guide will tackle the concept of gravity, the fundamental law which governs movement in the universe.

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Stars and navigation
On board La Boudeuse, a 1767 French exploratory ship, Captain Bougainville will explain, with the help of an audio guide, what is found on board a ship whose mission is to circumnavigate the globe. You will discover the extent to which knowledge of astronomy and observation of the night sky were essential for navigation at that time.

 6 - DSC 5632 Space mission
After navigating the ocean, you will become a member of Eve Pelletier's team. She invites you on board her spaceship for a mission to discover the sun, planets and stars. This takes you on a complete tour of the solar system.
 7 - DSC 0494 A laboratory
Visit the laboratory of Jacques Pelletier, the great grandfather of Captain Pelletier. It is 2013, and you will find a scientist who is interested in diverse aspects of astronomy, space exploration, and what is needed to discover extrasolar planets etc. He is available to answer any questions you may have about the illustrations, texts or objects in his laboratory, or any other queries raised by the other exhibitions. One question remains unanswered... Are we alone in the universe?
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Multimedia projection room
The visit finishes in the projection room where, as well as a multimedia presentation, there are very old fossils and artefacts which help you to appreciate the passage of time. The video takes you from the Big bang up to the present day. By the end of the visit you will understand the pioneering spirit that has always inspired mankind in his quest for knowledge.